AI/Signal Processing Scientist

Job Description

Seeking AI engineer/scientist with experience working with signals and images to train ML models. Should be comfortable to work in Matlab and/or Python, in addition to experience working with computational cloud frameworks. The successful candidate will work with the Dev Lead and the Research Lead to help productize specialized ultrasound signal processing algorithms and machine learning models into a viable product. While the position is full-time, contract or part-time will also be considered.
As an early employee, the candidate will have several benefits and will interact directly with the executive team, and will have immense opportunities to grow. He/she will play a critical role in decisions, especially in shaping the technology.


• Develop algorithms and signal processing techniques in Python.

• Prepare signal data into formats for developing a machine learning model.

• Train and test several ML models, and device methods for improving results.

• Develop the model on a computational cloud framework.

• Test deep learning methods on data.

• Help refine data acquisition protocol based on initial ML results.

• Use benchmarking tools to evaluate, test and optimize code.



• Prior image and signal processing experience.

• Extensive machine learning model development experience.

• Deep learning experience.

• Experience with cloud database and cloud computing.

• Knowledge of OO, TDD and git.

• Comfortable with Matlab and Python.



Oncoustics is a small funded startup based in Toronto, ON. Oncoustics is building the first automated signal-focused AI tools for tissue characterization.