Mobile SDK Developer

Toronto: Research and Development - Part Time

Job Description

Oncoustics is a start-up that uses AI on ultrasound data to help find disease. We are looking to hire a freelance Mobile SDK Developer to join our team with deep academic and/or industry experience to help us transform a hardware SDK built in C# language to work on native platforms like android (kotlin/java).

This position is remote. 


  • Successful candidates should be knowledgeable on converting the SDK to C++ and find a way to integrate with android platform (kotlin) via NDK

Problem Overview:

  • Default SDK was using some OOP concepts and supports some low level language feature

  • Using C++ we hit a wall that language support of OOP and integration with the android platform is having issues.

  • Using Only Kotlin/Java we found most of low level code is not supported.


  • Have experience in working with C++ , NDK and some base knowledge of C# to read the default SDK

  • Graduate degree in a related field

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