Senior Machine Learning Engineer in Medical Imaging

Toronto: Research and Development - Full Time

Job Description

Oncoustics is revolutionizing the use of point of care ultrasound in liver care through advanced AI. We are supported by high-profile institutional investors and have deep partnerships in place with several major ultrasound and pharmaceutical players. We are looking to hire a senior ML Engineer/Scientist to join our team with relevant academic experience and deep industry experience. A successful candidate will be able to manage and lead a team and projects, as well as coordinating with signal processing, clinical data and product teams. The candidate should be able to build on previous work, and have a collaborative team spirit. Specifics of the opportunity include:


  • Lead all development and deployment of deep learning and machine learning models in tensorflow and pytorch
  • Design models/learning strategies to optimize mining of unique ultrasound signal data with deep learning
  • Apply custom hyper parameter tuning methods
  • Work directly with a team of data scientists and signal processing engineers
  • Influence feature engineering and signal processing, and coordinate for optimal mining with AI
  • Remain aware of new innovations in the use of AI/ML in medical imaging and ultrasound
  • Adopt state of the art algorithms and models for that include multi-instance learning strategies, attention and GANs
  • Plan for deployment of all models in Oncoustics future apps
  • Participate in FDA planning and clearance of algorithms


  • Graduate degree in a related field, and relevant undergraduate
  • 5+ years at least of industry experience in the development and deployment of AI/ML models for health care
  • Expertise in Python for Deep Learning and Machine Learning packages: Pandas, Sklearn, Keras, Tensorflow, Pytorch
  • Deep Learning architecture design: Experience with attention mechanisms, multi-instance learning and/or GANs

Good To Have

  • PhD/graduate work in machine learning/machine vision
  • Expertise in medical imaging analysis or signal processing with AI
  • Experience in the use of ultrasound
  • Prior experience with FDA clearance of AI/ML algorithms

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