Our Team

Operating in Toronto, Cairo and Palo Alto, and engaged in collaborations with Stanford University, University of Toronto, and at dozens of international prestigious health institutes for data collection.

Raul Blázquez-García
Lead ML and DL Scientist

Raul is a published author in ML and physics and former co-founder of a computational biotech startup. He builds state of the art ML models for automated diagnostics.

Mohamed El Shawaf
App Developer

Technical lead on app and cloud based infrastructure for data collection centers; overseeing data collection expansion.

Abdelrahman Ezzat
Cloud Support and Full Stack Developer

Full stack software engineer supporting cloud operations on AWS/GCC for ML model development, data labeling and data library.

Meaghan Gray
Digital Communications

Graphic Design, Print, UI, UX and motion design lead, focused on creating effective solutions for Oncoustics.

Anton Naim Ibrahim
ML Scientist

Anton is an upper year student at the University of Guelph studying biomedical physics and minoring in computer science. He develops ML models for automated diagnostics.

Miriam Naim Ibrahim
Clinical Data Scientist

Manages quality control of ultrasound data and performs feature analysis to be used in ML algorithms.

Ahmed El Kaffas, BEng, PhD

Faculty at Stanford University, 12+ years of experience in Ultrasound, image/signal processing, algorithm development and cancer tissue characterization.

Adi Lightstone
Lead Signal Processing & ML scientist

Combines research and development of cutting edge ultrasound analysis techniques with ML, leading to improved automated diagnostics.

Omar Omari
Signal Processing & Ultrasound Scientist

Deep expertise in ultrasound physics (Steinman and Cobbold labs at UofT). Focused on enhancing signal properties and artifacts.

Beth Rogozinski, MBA

Serial entrepreneur in tech and med. CEO, Signal 2 Health, CPO, Pear Therapeutics. Produced >30 apps and > 12 for healthcare w/ 2 FDA approvals.

Michael Weil, MD

MD in Radiation Oncology, Founder of Sirius Medical, 15+ years experience in Oncology and Imaging.